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2018 Annual Meeting- Replicability, Rigor, and Openness

Psychological science is in the midst of a period of renewed focus on issues of replicability, rigor, and openness. What does this mean for psychophysiological research? Come join us in our discussion of this at the 2018 meeting of SPR (October 3-7 in Quebec City; submit your poster abstracts now through April 2!).  This session will feature a panel discussion of psychophysiologists engaged in diverse activities aimed at these broad goals. Two teams of SPR members (Team One: MacNamara, van Reekum, Morriss, Sandre, and Weinberg. Team Two: Larson, Moser, Umemoto, and Inzlicht) will discuss two ongoing cross-laboratory efforts at direct and conceptual replications of psychophysiology experiments. Andreas Keil and Emily Kappenman will discuss, among other things, the recent special issue of the journal (Re-centering Science: Reliability, Robustness, and Reproducibility in Psychophysiological Research); Michael Inzlicht will moderate (panel organized by Jesse Kaye and Anna Weinberg). The group will engage in conversation and questions with the membership of the Society to consider the tremendous challenges as well as opportunities that come with efforts to continue to build a stronger science.

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