Contact SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests

Are your needs being met? Please feel free to contact members of the committee below with suggestions, questions, comments, or to bond with

Committee to Promote Student Interests (roster may change following annual meeting)

* Rebecca Houston (Chair), Res. Inst. on Addictions, University at Buffalo, SUNY, (2008-2011)
Catherine J. Norris, (nonstudent), Dartmouth College, (2009-2011)
Jared Dempsey, (nonstudent) Oklahoma State University, (2010-2012)
Colleen Brenner, University of British Columbia, (2010-2012)
Cory Burghy, University of Wisconsin, (2010-2012)
Scott Burwell, University of Minnesota, (2009-2011)
Wendy D'Andrea, The New School, (2009-2011)
Eynav Elgavish Accortt, Miami University,  (2009-2011)
Sima Finy, University of Illinois, (2010-2012)
Dan Foti, Stony Brook University, (2010-2012)
Philip Gable, University of Alabama, (2009-2011)
Stacia Gessner, University of Missouri-Kansas City, (2010-2012)
Daniel Goldman, University of Minnesota,  (2009-2011)
Laura Gravens, Texas A & M, (2009-2011)
Julie Hall, Stanford University, (2009-2011)
Erika Henry, University of Missouri, (2010-2012)
Juyoen Hur, University of Illinois, (2010-2012)
Sylvia Kreibig, Stanford University, (2009-2011)
Sarah Lust, University of Missouri, (2010-2012)
Annmarie MacNamara, Stony Brook University, (2010-2012)
Jared McGinley, Virginia Tech University,, (2010-2012)
Stephan Moratti, Center of Magnetencephalography, University Complutense of Madrid, (2009-2011)
Lin Nelson, University of Minnesota, (2009-2011)
Robin Nusslock, Northwestern University, (2010-2012)
Greg Perlman, University of Minnesota, (2009-2011)
Carly Peterson, Texas A & M, (2009-2011)
Thomas Price, Texas A & M, (2009-2011)
Jennifer Robinson, Texas A&M Health Science Center, (2010-2012)
Arthur Sandt, Temple University, (2009-2011)
Sarah Sass, University of Texas at Tyler, (2010-2012)
Stefan M. Schulz,  University of Wuerzburg, (2009-2011)
Becky Levin Silton, Seattle Children’s Hospital, (2009-2011)
Mark Starr, University of Wisconsin-Madison, (2010-2012)
Vaughn Steele, University of Minnesota, (2009-2011)
Florian Strelzyk, University of Trier, (2010-2012)
Charlotte Tye, King’s College London, (2009-2011)
Noah Venables, Florida State University, (2009-2011)
Stacie Warren, University of Illinois, (2009-2011)
Anna Weinberg, Stony Brook University, (2010-2012)
Laura Zambrano-Vazquez, University of Arizona, (2010-2012)