2018 Panel Discussion

Psychological science is in the midst of a period of renewed focus on issues of replicability, rigor, and openness. Significant concerns regarding the reproducibility, reliability, and robustness of research have led to ongoing debates on ways to improve research practices. The field is tackling issues that span an incredibly wide array of research topics including methodological issues (e.g., measurement unreliability, small sample sizes, power, researcher degrees of freedom), analytic strategies (e.g., NHST, p-hacking, significance thresholds), transparency (e.g.,
data sharing, pre-registration, open-access), publication practices (e.g., publication bias, peer review, file drawers, registered-reports, badges), and career incentives (e.g., early career
implications, critical discourse).
Improving replicability and open science are complex issues that require critical debate to push the field forward– and replication of psychophysiological findings comes with its own set of challenges. SPR is hosting a special Wednesday night presentation and panel discussion on these topics (featuring SPR members engaged in ongoing replication and open science initiatives), and we want to hear from you:
1) What topics would you like to see discussed?
2) What questions do you have about these topics?
Let us know by clicking on the link below, and then join us in conversation about the tremendous challenges as well as opportunities that come with efforts to continue to build a stronger science.