Proposed SPR Bylaws Changes

The Board of Directors and the Bylaws Committee recommend the following changes to the SPR Bylaws:

1.  A change to Article VII that creates a new standing committee, the Finance Committee, to assist in managing the SPR budget.

2. A change to Article III - #5 to state that the SPR Treasurer will serve as the chair of the Finance Committee.

3. A change in Article V - #1 to allow the SPR elections to be conducted by any legal means rather than specifying a paper ballot process, in order to allow for the possibility of online or email voting.

4. A change in Article V #4 to replace the requirement for the Treasurer to validate signatures on ballots with a statement that instead it shall be the Secretary's role to certify votes received by any legal means.

5. A change in Article VII - #4 to state that the Convention Sites Committee will have co-chairs rather than a single chair, recognizing the increased workload associated with more frequent meetings outside of North America.

6. A change to Article VII - #15 to replace the Website Committee with a Public Relations Committee in order to expand the role and more accurately describe the work of that committee.