Award Winners for SPR’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology Award

Judith M. Ford (SPR past president, 1997-1998) - University of California at San Francisco - For her astonishing career exploring the neural underpinnings of reality monitoring in schizophrenia.

Distinguished Early Career Contributions to Psychophysiology Award

Jim Coan - University of Virginia, SPR member since 1996 - For his exciting work on the neural correlates of social support.

Student Awards:

Training Award Fellowships:

Arielle Baskin-Sommers - University of Wisconsin-Madison, to train with Ed Bernat, Florida State University 

Hedwig Eisenbarth- University of Regensburg, to train with Ed Bernat, Florida State University

Brian Gordon- Washington University in St. Louis, to train with Monica Fabiani and Gabriele Gratton, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Annmarie MacNamara - Stony Brook University, to train with Steven Luck, University of California, Davis 

Kyle Ratner - New York University, to train with Baldwin Way, Ohio State University 

Mark Starr - University of Wisconsin-Madison, to train with Ed Bernat, Florida State University 

Distinguished Poster Awards

Kathryn Hefner - University of Wisconsin - Attentional and Affective Consequences of Safety Signals in the Presence and Absence of Threat

Gregory Lewis - University of Illinois at Chicago - Quantification Of RSA: What Criteria Define the Best Measure?

Kyle Mathewson - University of Illinois - Entraining Neural Oscillations with Rhythmic Visual Stimulation Elicits Simultaneous Fluctuations in Visual Awareness

Student Poster Awards

Saleem Alhabash - University of Missouri - Effects of Stereotype-Reduction on Cognitive and Emotional Processing Of Advertising

James Broadway - Georgia Institute of Technology- Deep Brain Stimulation of Sub-Callosal Cingulate Cortex and Frontal Theta Power in Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression

Laura Drislane - Florida State University - Differing Responses to Startle Probe Stimuli Account For Unique Variance in Psychopathy Factor 1

Christopher Engelhardt - University of Missouri - Evidence that Trait Aggressiveness Moderates the Relationship between Violent Video Games and Psychophysiological Measures Of Evaluative And Regulatory Control

Jesse Kaye - University of Colorado - Differential Marijuana Cue-Reactivity in the Late-Positive Potential in Smokers And Non-Smokers

Isabela Lobo - Fluminense Federal University - Emotion Regulation and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms: An ERP Study in a Sample of Trauma-Exposed College Students

Sarah Lust - University of Missouri - Oh no! Oh well: Alcohol Impairs Post-error Adjustment of Cognitive Control

Ian McLaughlin - University of Minnesota -ERP and Personality Correlates of Executive Control: Time-Frequency Decomposition of the Go/Nogo ERP Task in Adolescent Subjects

Erik Mueller - Marburg University - Both Trait Anxiety Associations and Dopamine Antagonist-Induced Reductions of the Error-Related Negativity Are Moderated by the D2 Receptor Gene

Sarah Sass - University of Illinois - Time Course of Attentional Bias Distinguishes Anxiety, Depression, and their Comorbidity

Jenessa Sprague - University of Illinois- Emotional Processing and Inhibitory Control in Criminal Offenders

Anna Weinberg - Stony Brook University - Early Hypervigilance Followed by Attenuated Processing of Emotional Material in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: An Event-Related Potential Study

Mathias Weymar - University of Greifswald - Stress Motivates the Brain: Enhanced Selective Visual Attention to Unpleasant Pictures after Stress Exposure