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Aging Attention Behavioral Medicine
Biofeedback Cognition Couples/Family Research
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Infants/Children/Adolescents Intervention Research Learning/Conditioning
Memory Motivation Pain
Personality Pharmacology Psychopathology
Sensation/Perception Social Factors Immunology
Individual Differences Neurological Disorders/Neuropathology Non-Human Animals
Quantitative Specialty Sleep Speech/Language
Unconscious Processes    
Measures Used:
Biochemical Blood Presure Cortisol
Electrodermal EEG/ERP EKG/impedance cardiography
Neuroanatomy and connectivity Oculomotor Optical imaging (NIRS, EROS)
Respiration Somatic activity Startle blink

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Promote Student Interests Public Relations Publication
Women in Psychophysiology    

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