SPR 2010 Student Travel Award Winners!

In this fifth year for the SPR Student Travel Award program, SPR has once again allocated funds for 30 travel awards. Fifteen of these were specifically reserved for award winners within North America, who will receive $500 USD to assist with their travel accommodations while attending SPR. The other 15 awards were reserved for non-North American members who will receive $1000 USD. To be eligible, student members must:

  1. reside outside a 500 mile radius from the annual meeting
  2. be the first author on a poster or paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting
  3. be up to date with dues, or have applied for new membership status
  4. still have pre-doctoral status (i.e., must not have received their PhD by the time of the meeting)
    In addition, student members with travel funds available from the laboratory in which they work are not eligible.

This year, 141 students applied for the Student Travel Award, submitting first-authored abstracts which were accepted for presentation. A lottery among these student members was conducted, and eligibility was verified with advisors, resulting in the recipients listed below.

Congratulations to the Recipients of SPR Student Travel Awards 2010:

North American
Nathaniel Anderson, Baylor University
Andrew Bismark, University of Arizona
Herman Diggs, Southern Illinois University
Michael Duke, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elizabeth Duval, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Anna Gekker, University of Rochester
Kristen Goforth, University of South Florida
Holly Hamilton, University of California Los Angeles
Elliott Hedman, MIT
Lisa Jaremka, University of California Santa-Barbara
Gabriella Johnson, University of Missouri
Curtis Matthews, Texas Tech University
Kristin McCombs, Wheeling Jesuit University
Michelle Patriquin, Virginia Tech University
Lauren Taubitz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Non-North American
Andrea Carr, University of Tasmania
Fengji Geng, Zhejiang University
Sebastian Geukes, University of Muenster
Mateusz Gola, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Theo Gründler, Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research
Frank Häcker, University of Konstanz
Danielle Mathersul, University of New South Wales
Gabry Mies, University Medical Center Rotterdam
Philipp Reicherts, University of Würzburg
Alicia Sánchez, University of Granada
Julia Schneiders, Saarland University
Preeti Solanki, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences
Florian Strelzyk, University of Trier
Joseph Studer, University of Geneva
Wioleta Walentowska, Jagiellonian University

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the assistance Amy Bayer of the Rees Group and the following members of the SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests, as they assisted with determining the eligibility of prospective travel award winners. Many thanks to:

Dan Foti
Philip Gable
Laura Gravens
Tom Price
Arthur Sandt
Raymond Serra
Charlotte Tye

Rebecca J. Houston
Chair, SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests