2005 Tursky Award Winners

Jason Hall, Externalizing Psychopathology and Error-Related Negativity

University of Minnesota

Nate Parks, Electrophysiological Evidence of Visual Attention in Apparent Depth

Georgia Institute of Technology

2005 Student Poster Award Winners

Simone Biondi
University of Bologna

Pedro Guerra
University of Florida

Corentin Jacques
University of Louvain

Ahmed Karim
University of Tübingen

Lisa McTeague
University of Florida

Christiane Melzig
University of Greifswald

Jason Moser, The temporal dynamics of facial processing in social anxiety
University of Delaware

Akemi Osugi
Nagoya University

Joerg Sangals
University of Berlin

Kristin Sullwold, Development of the ERN in adolescents and young adults
University of Minnesota

Miriam van Mersbergen, Functional Dysphonia During Mental Imagery
University of Minnesota

Rene Westerhausen, The role of the corpus callosum in dichotic listening
University of Trier