2008 Student Poster Award Winners

Tursky Award

  • James Cavanagh (University of Arizona). Prelude and requiem to an error: EEG Synchrony reveals the ongoing dynamics of performance monitoring
  • Chia-Lin Lee (University of Illinois). Wave-Ering: An ERP study of syntactic effects on ambiguity resolution for noun/verb homographs

Poster Award

  • Erika Henry (University of Missouri). Alcohol, ERN and State Affect: Unhappy drunks still experience distress
  • Chad Forbes (University of Arizona). Using alpha and theta power to assess the indirect relationship between stereotype threat, self doubt and the allocation of attention and memory encoding processes
  • Gregory Lewis (University of Illinois-Chicago). Video Thermography for cardiopulmonary signal extraction
  • Kyle Mathewson (University of Illinois). Now you see it, now you don’t: Prestimulus electrophysiological predictors of subsequent visual awareness metacontrast mapping.
  • Julie Hall (University of Michigan). Put your money where your heart is: Affective influences on financial investment decisions
  • Vincent Costa (University of Florida). From bad to worse: Mutual effects of threat of shock and aversive perception
  • Mathew Hilimire (Georgia Institute of Technology). Competitive interaction degrades target selection: An ERP study
  • Susanne Gorges (University of Arizona). Psychophysiological correlates of performance anxiety during a public concert and a public speech
  • Anna Engels (University of Illinois). Differential functional lateralization in anxiety.
  • Modupe Akinola (Harvard University). Narcissitic tendencies and sensitivity to social feedback: An examination of cardiovascular reactivity during social evaluative situations.