2009 Student Poster Award Winners

Tursky Award

  • Theo Gründler (MPI for Neurological Research) Source Estimation of the N2, ERN, and FERN in a Tactile Time-Estimation Task
  • Ralf Schmälzle (University of Konstanz) The Perception of HIV Risk: An ERP Analysis of Intuitive Processes

Poster Award

  • Uma Vaidyanathan (University of Minnesota) Startle Blink Deficits in Psychopathy are Uniquely Associated with Interpersonal-Affective Traits
  • Nils Schneider-Garces (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Movement Correction in Optical Data; Comparison Between Feature Based and Principal Component Based Approach
  • Alexander M. Nitsch (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) Error Processing, Task Difficulty and Motivation in Schizophrenia: An Event-Related FMRI Study Using a Speeded Flanker-Task
  • Uwe Hassler (University of Osnabrueck) Induced Gamma Band Responses: Neuronal Origin or Eye Movement Artifact
  • Julia Schneiders (Saarland University) The Differential Role of Modality-Specific Working Memory Training in Learning Chinese as a Second Language
  • Veronica Perez (University of California - San Francisco) Relating Visual Working Memory Capacity and Attentional Control in the Schizophrenia-Spectrum
  • Jordi Costa-Faidella (University of Barcelona) - Encoding of Multiple Time Scales of Acoustic Regularities as a Function of Expectancy as Revealed by Human Evoked Potentials
  • Armita Golkar (Karolinska Institutet) - Extinction of Conditioned Fear Responses to Masked Stimuli
  • Regina Lapate (University of Wisconsin – Madison) The Contribution of Affective Style to the Successful Downregulation of Pain: A Psychophysiological and Neuroimaging Investigation
  • Matthias Wieser (University of Würzburg) Happy End: The Offset of Angry Facial Expressions Activates the Human Reward System